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The advantages of mobile concrete mixing plant

Mobile concrete mixing plant has compact structure, small area, simple installation, high degree of automation and other advantages, and it's widely used in the infrastructure of road and bridge, power, water conservancy, construction and so on. Today, Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery will share the advantages of mobile concrete mixing plant with you.
1. The modular design, high degree of factory, quick installation and debugging.
2. The manipulation method of control system is simple, stable and reliable, with patch scales, buckle scale, continuous production, intelligent alarm and other auxiliary functions.
3. The mixer can achieve that no manual cleaning, no sticky for mixing shaft, non stick to stirring drum cover.
4. The concrete hopper adopts the wearable technology design, durable, and the service life is over five times than the previous life of the equipment, and it doesn't damage to the bucket body.
5. The hopper can achieve the technology without sand sticking and rapid discharging, and the feeding process is fully closed, it's environmental without pollution.
6. Powder silo is collected by the centralized controller and the negative pressure pulse back blowing dust device, which is convenient for the directly control by the  bulk truck driver, and then it will realize the  safety and environmental protection dust removal of cement silo.
7. The additive balance adopts the anti leakage technology, to ensure the safety of concrete production.
8. The water balance adopts pressurized discharging water technology, and can facilitate realize the addition and subtraction of water, to ensure the control of concrete shimp.
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