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The preparation work before using the concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing plant is a set of equipment that measures and weighs the raw materials, then uses the concrete mixer to mix to make the concrete. The concrete is used for bridges, roads, construction and other projects, to meet the needs of people. Therefore, it is very important for the proper use of concrete mixing plant. So, what preparation work the user should do before using the concrete mixing plant?
1.Determine the site
Before building the concrete mixing plant, we need to confirm the site, determine the plant that we need, and then according to the basic plan provided by the manufacturers to plan, budget. Transport routes, raw materials, the operation area and the planning of the dormitory must be determined in advance.
2.The supply of water and electricity
Before the concrete mixing plant equipment has arrived, pulling the electricity and fixing the pool. In general, the voltage of concrete mixing plant is industrial power, in 380V or more. Only well doing the preparation work, it can ensure that the concrete mixing plant equipment can be rapidly installed after reaching the site.
3.The acceptance of raw materials
The raw materials of concrete mixing plant generally refers to sand, stone, cement, etc.. Before building the concrete mixing plant, users also need to carry out the procurement of raw materials, when the raw material reached the site, we need to strictly carry out acceptance. Because only qualified raw materials can ensure the quality of concrete.

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