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Working principle of fully automatic control system

In the concrete mixing plant, as the main soft control part, the fully automatic control system is very important, then, what is the working principle of the automatic control system?

Automatic control system is divided into two kinds: with computer and without computer. The fully automatic control system with computer needs customers to independently set ratio in accordance with the procedures, and then a variety of proportion of weighing will be displayed on the instrument, after setting the ratio, start the button. The fully automatic control system without computer needs to be set up by the button, after setting the ratio to start button to operate.

The fully automatic control system of concrete mixing plant has the following characteristics: Automatic zero tracking, digital scale, it can store ten kinds of formula, it can set the number of times, different materials can be measured separately, the hopper has the intermediate waiting function, saving time to improve work efficiency, modular structure operation is simple, reliable operation and convenient maintenance!

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