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Installation and operation method of concrete batching machin

Concrete batching machine can also be referred to as the sand and gravel automatic batching machine, its role obviously is the weighing machine of sand aggregate. The concrete batching machine produced by the general manufacturer has two hoppers, three hoppers and four hoppers. Of course, whether the concrete batching machine has two hoppers, three hoppers or four hoppers, it’s role and advantage are same, which has accurate weighing, good batching accuracy, high speed, good control function, simple operation, convenient maintenance and installation. After understanding its advantages, the most important is to know the installation and its operation method, in the following, we will come to analyze.

The installation and operation method of concrete batching machine:
1.The concrete batching machine should be installed in the flat and solid place.
2.Before working, we should be strictly in accordance with the instructions to add grease. Check circuit, protective device, etc. to see if they are in good condition.
3.Check the linkage parts of the transmission belt and discharge gate to see if there is blockage, and the measurement is qualified, then have the trial operation for 2 - 3 minutes, if the operation is normal, it can be put into the work.
4.Having the welding repair to the concrete batching machine. We should remove the sensor when the batching machine is transported, so as not to damage the sensor.
5.The electronic measurement system of the batching machine should be carried out calibration in accordance with the provisions.
6. After working of the concrete batching machine, we need to fill in the operation records and maintenance records, and do a good job of daily cleaning and maintenance, to make the concrete batching machine neat, clean, lubricant and beautiful.

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