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Some small details to safely use concrete mixer

1.Before starting the concrete mixer to check whether the controller is good.

2.Concrete mixer must be cleaned after use, especially in the winter, before using the concrete mixer, the drum can not have foreign body, so that it can extend the service life of the concrete mixer.

3.Concrete mixer should be placed in a solid place, with a frame or a supporting frame, it can not be replaced by a tire.

4.When the concrete mixer is working, it is strictly prohibited to put the tool into the drum, more attention should be paid to safety.

5.When the feeding hopper of concrete mixer is raised, in order to be safe, the staff is strictly prohibited to pass or stop under the hopper, the hopper should be fixed after the work is finished.

6.When maintain the concrete mixer on site, we should fix the hopper of concrete mixer and cut off the power supply, when someone enter into the mixer drum, there is someone outside to monitor.

Special reminder: in order to your safety and let your concrete mixer can serve for you for a long time, please be sure to pay attention to the use of the above mentioned small details.

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