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What characteristics does each system of HZS90 concrete mixin

No matter what type of concrete mixing plant, the five systems are essential, the advantages of each system form the advantages of this concrete mixing plant, so in order to understand the specific advantages of concrete mixing plant, we must understand the advantages of each system. In the following, I will introduce the characteristics of each system of HZS90 concrete mixing plant for you.

Our HZS90 concrete mixing plant generally uses JS1500 type double horizontal shaft forced type concrete mixer, the mixing quality of this type concrete mixer is very good, and the efficiency is relatively high. About the aggregate system, our company adopts the concrete batching machine with accurate measurement and high production efficiency to batching. About the aggregate feeding system, our company adopts belt conveyor with long life, high efficiency to feed. About the aggregate lifting belt machine, we use the integral electric roller, this electric roller run smoothly and move strongly, which is easy to maintain. Cement, water, liquid admixture ingredients all adopts electronic scales to measure, the batching accuracy is high. The water supply system uses the principle of pump pressure, so that the water flow rate speed up and spray uniformity. The main components of the electrical control system are imported, which has reliable performance, easy operation, there are printing functions and air conditioning.

All the powder material of HZS90 concrete batching plant is in a closed state in the conveying, measurement, delivery process, so that we can completely eliminate the emissions of dust, all parts all adopt transmission mechanism that has reliable performance, smooth transmission. It can effectively reduce the noise. The main building and the belt conveyor of HZS90 concrete mixing plant all use environmentally friendly packaging, which can be more effective to reduce dust and noise. Our company adopts advanced control system and the smallest batching control instrument, which make the batching be more accurate and stable, and the calculation method is advanced, it can effectively control the error and help users to remedy the trouble.

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