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The maintenance of concrete batching machine

We all know that the concrete batching machine is automation equipment that quantitatively distribute the sand, which is mainly used in the concrete construction industry, to replace artificial scales or volume measurement method, etc., it has high measurement precision, high delivery efficiency and high automation degree, it is one of the main parts of concrete mixing plant. But for the use of the machine, only we do a good job of professional maintenance can make the equipment life be longer.

There are a lot of users who have a long time not to maintain, until the machine can not be used to know to repair it, so that not only the loss of the mechanical properties of the machine is very large, but also it reduced the efficiency of our production. So what aspects should be paid to about the concrete batching machine?

Firstly, before the working, we must test the belt conveyor, clean up debris, mud etc., fasten screws in various parts, adjust the belt deviation, the rotating parts should be flexible. After using six months, we should examine and make complete lubrication in the bearing, and having the total removal to add the lubrication once a year. Cleaning device should often be checked to adjust the wiper to ensure that the material is normal.

The concrete batching machine of various manufacturers basically is this cleaning and maintenance methods, therefore, as long as you remember the professional knowledge we provided to you, and clean it after a while, it can not only prolong the service life of the equipment, but also can improve your work efficiency.

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