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Advantages of feeding method of HZS75 concrete mixing plant

At present, concrete mixing plant is commonly used in roads, bridges, buildings and other projects. Sand, stone, cement and other raw materials are weighed and mixed into ready mixed concrete through the the concrete mixing plant equipment to satisfy the people's needs. In general, commercial mixing plant commonly uses HZS50 concrete mixing plant or above. Because of the relatively high efficiency and relatively cheap price, HZS75 concrete mixing plant is accepted and recognized by the majority of customers.

Later, with the user's general response, in the feeding process, HZS75 concrete mixing plant has relatively large noise and fast loss, which can not meet the requirements of customers. After listening to customer comments and suggestions, by improving the technology, new type HZS75 belt feeding concrete mixing plant would emerge as the times require.

The advantages of the belt feeding mode of HZS75 concrete mixing plant: compared to the lifting feeding, it has high efficiency, short time consuming, and high yield, it is 5 square meters cement per hour more than that of belt feeding, in addition to, it has small wear, long service life, and easy maintenance and replacement. While the belt feeding of HZS75 concrete mixing plant has almost no noise, which is very suitable for customer needs.

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