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Weighting System

Weighing System

Weighing System There are several systems in concrete batching plant. The combination of these systems make concrete batching plant run.

Material weighing system of concrete batching plant is the crucial part to impact on concrete quality and concrete production cost. Weighing system consists of aggregate weighing, powder material weighing and liquid weighing. All these weighing adopt electronic scale and microcomputer to control.
The error of aggregate weighing is ≤2% and error of cement, powder material, water and additives are all ≤1%.

Definition of Weighing System
Here we are talking about cement, water and additive Weighing System, not including aggregate weighing system.
Cement weighing system consists of one weighing hopper, three cantilever beam sensors and valve. Cement metering system is a continuous automatic weighing apparatus for metering bulk materials. It possesses high advanced technology and can be used for powdery, granular material. Cement weighing system is an important matching equipment to cement silo and cement tank.
Water weighing system is composed of one weighing hopper, three cantilever beam of 500kg sensor, filling water tank and valve. Additive weighing system has two independent supply system, and it is made up of one weighing hopper, one cantilever beam type of 200 kilogram sensor and valve. Additive goes through butterfly valve and pipeline into water weighing hopper and flows into mixer with water.
Features of Weighing System

Weighing system has automatic drop compensation and weighing alarm function, which guarantee the accuracy of weighing system. Besides, weighing control and signal transformation use the domestic well-known brand or the import parts. High accuracy sensor and the microcomputer control ensure the completely accurate measurement and stable operating performance.
Weighing system is an essential and important part of concrete mixing plant.

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