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Necessary condition of concrete in concrete batching plant

The cement in the concrete batching plant should meet the following requirements:

1.The technical performance of the cement must meet the requirements of current national standards, in particular, it also shall maintain the stability and uniformity of products. The index such as chemical composition, fineness, strength of all age levels, setting time, the water demand of normal consistency can not have greater volatility, especially the strength values can not be ups and downs.

2.Concrete batching plant should have small water demand in the preparation of concrete, better liquidity, and good adaptability with admixture. When grind the cement, it not only should control the fineness (specific surface area), but also it should reasonably control the cement particle size and particle shape.

3.The amount of incorporation of cement mixture in the concrete batching plant should be scientific and reasonable. We should pay attention to the choice of varieties of gypsum and the temperature control of cement.

4.When the concrete has special requirements, we should provide special cement, for example, when it has low alkali requirement, we should provide low alkali cement, when it has low heat requirement, we can provide low heat cement (such as: moderate heat cement, low heat slag cement).

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