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The importance of raw materials'management of concrete plant

Strengthening the management of raw materials of concrete mixing plant is one of the important ways to improve the material management level, to overcome the confusion and waste in the construction site, and to improve the economic benefit. So we need to do according to the following points:
Firstly, the procurement of concrete mixing plant, the supply plan and ground material stacking and storage management all should be made the raw materials management planning, budgeting, and making a good management objectives before mixing. Secondly, the raw material should be poured in orderly to ensure the requirement of the concrete production, and to prevent the waste of materials. Moreover, the entry materials should have a strict inspection and acceptance according to the variety of materials, specifications, quality, and quantity requirements. The layout of storage materials should be according to the requirements of the site plan, under the principle of the convenience construction, smooth road, safe and reliable; we should reduce the second transporting as far as possible we can.
In addition, we should take variety of effective measures to maintain and maintenance, to ensure that all the raw material can't reduce its use value. Finally, the amount of consumption should have a strict control according to the quota and the relevant information. Concrete supply and materials used should be inspected in the use process, supervise and urge the team to use materials reasonably.
Only the raw material management of concrete mixing plant is very well, can greatly reduce the cost and improve the economic benefit!
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