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What are the differences between concrete mixer and forced mixer?

As we all know, people often have different names about the concrete mixer of concrete batching plant. Some people call it concrete mixer, however, some other people also call it forced mixer. So, are they the same machine about the two names and what are the differences?
Concrete mixer is a general term that people give the commodity concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete mixing plant. It gets this name because it is designed to stir the concrete, according to the different configuration of the mixer, concrete mixer includes the drum type mixer and forced mixer. The forced mixer means that mixing barrel is fixed to the mandatory mixing device. Generally, it's used to mix the comminution materials.
And for the forced mixer, which also can be divided into horizontal shaft stirring, single horizontal shaft stirring, vertical shaft mixing, and planetary stirring and so on.  Mixing operation principles tiring of every class also has certain difference, the series of double horizontal shaft mixing are often used in domestic, and it is mainly used for commercial concrete mixing plant.
That is to say, the concrete mixer includes forced mixer, but forced mixer is not only suitable for concrete mixing plant equipment, it is also widely used in some   materials of being separately mixed.
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