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The mobile self filling concrete mixer features

1. The integrated design of the tubular structure, the environmental protection type diesel engine with 4 wheels driving and adopting the German DEUTZ 4 cylinder of cold water is suitable for all kinds of bad working environment and high strength work, and it can ensure a lasting endurance and safety.
2. The closed cab according to the ergonomically designed is located in front of the equipment, it not only can ensure the drivers' safety and comfort, but also can rotate with 180 degrees, it is suitable for two states of working and driving.
3. The automatic charging scoop with a special design, it can measure the loading volume, and it is equipped with weighing and measuring equipment of high-tech microcomputer, it can accurately control and master the number of raw materials, and can ensure the production of the high-quality concrete.
4. The independent water supply equipment with the water pump driven by a hydraulic motor, large water flow. And it's also equipped with the filtering device of volume meter and preventing dirt from entering the water tank, it also ensures the production of high quality concrete.
5. The 270 degree rotatable mixing drum is convenient to unload in each direction. Oil pump controls the rotation, and completion of loading, stirring and discharging function. The spiral paddle in the stirring drum type completes the mixing function.
6. The mixing cycle of equipment is only 7-10 minutes from charging to the mixing material, greatly improves the work efficiency, and saves a lot of manpower and material resources.
7.  As a mobile concrete  mixer, the fastest speed is 20 kilometers per hour, the maximum climbing up to full 30% (SAE standard). And equipped with a vehicle lamp of driving at night and the need of construction.
8.  It is suitable for road repair, the construction of subway and railway tunnel, the outskirts of building construction and water conservancy engineering etc.

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