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Concrete mixer pulls the development of manufacturing industry

With the vigorous development of the domestic manufacturing industry, the concrete mixer also has a rapid rise. In recent years, under the country vigorously stimulating the domestic demand and a number of encouragement policies driving, the scale of the equipment manufacturing industry of concrete mixing plant achieves a strong growth. In this case, many enterprises have the enthusiasm to the commercial concrete industry. In generally, the core competitiveness of China's independent brand manufacturing industry is not strong, in the low-end overcapacity, competition is particularly fierce, the high-end segment of many industries are firmly in control by foreign brands. At the same time, on the key parts and the core technology, our country has always been the "card neck" by foreign brand for a long time.
Domestic concrete mixing plant equipment obviously lack the domestic gas, while foreign brands look at fiercely as a tiger does on the domestic market. With the transformation and upgrade of China's national economy, the demands explosive growth period of the early stage of the industrialization is gone. Since last year, the growth of the domestic machinery industry demand shows a slowdown trend. On the other hand, requirements of all industries on the level of equipment and quality will be higher and higher. At the same time, compared with the downturn of the international economic situation, China's economic growth performance is relatively strong, so that the enterprises of developed countries have increased the intensity to scramble for high-end equipment market in China. The growing market of the independent concrete mixing plant manufacturing industry is faced with more intense crowding by the foreign manufacturers. Concrete mixer will pull the development of manufacturing industry.
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