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The characteristics of the screw conveyer

The screw conveyer is composed of Spiral cylinder, screw shaft, spiral piece. The material is transported from feed hopper to screw. The electric motor through the reduction gear drive the screw shaft. The screw shaft move the materials ahead to the screw. A constant stream of  material enter into the screw, the material is discharged from the discharge hole.
Screw conveyer characteristics:
A. The actuating device is collocated with gear decelerator, with advantages of stable transmission, large torque, convenient repair ,low noise and long life. The machine shell is made of high quality seamless tube. It has advantages of high transmission efficiency, excellent load capacity, long life cycle and so on.
B. The machine structure is compact,  good sealing performance, flexible process layout, low weight, high transmission efficiency and seal performance is good.
C. The machine shell is made of high quality seamless tube. sealed performance is good without dust leakage. The machine are safe and reliable
D. The utility model has advantages of simple structure, convenient mounting or dismounting, easy maintenance. The screw conveyer can also be made a cold-hot jacket type at any time according to the technology requirements for the demand of heating and cooling.

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