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Weighing System of Concrete Batch Plant

Weighing system of concrete batching plant need meet the requirement and control the weighing error within allowed range to ensure the quality of concrete.

The followings are some matters needing attention:

1. Application and maintenance

Weighing system of concrete batch plant need to be managed and operated by specially-assigned person. Operating staffs need regularly examine and repair weighing system.

Weighing system should be correctly applied according to operating instructions.

Weighing system of concrete bathing plant should be kept in excellent working conditions and have high degree of accuracy. Regularly maintain weighing system according to requirements of specification.

2. Adjustment

When weighing system of concrete batching plant have one of the following conditions, operators need timely adjust the weighing system:

New bought weighing system
The weighing system after being repaired
The weighing system after being moved and transported
The service life of weighing system is longer than valid period
Have doubts about the precision and accuracy of weighing system

After adjusting weighing system, paste status identification at prominent place and write down adjusting date, adjusting result and responsible person.

3. Keep an account of adjustment history.

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