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The operation procedures of forced type concrete mixer

Forced type concrete mixer has the independent motor, fan blades are installed in the device, and the concrete can be mixed through the rotation of the fan blades. The forced type concrete mixer should be operated according to certain instructions and procedures. Today, Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery will tell you operation procedures of forced type concrete mixer:
1. Place the supporting lug of forced type concrete mixer to the ground, and adjust with the adjustment screw to smooth and stable. You should check whether the power supply and voltage is normal. And check whether the electrical wiring and the running direction is correct, whether the screws are loose. Whether the gap of working part is normal. Only all meet the requirements, it can be used.
2. Clean the cylinder, before feeding, there mustn’t be mixtures in the tube, and you should wipe the water in the tube with dry cloth. Besides, you should also adjust the time relay to the required value.
3. It's the first to stare the machine before mixing, and then turn into the mixture according to requirements of weight, and  generally the feeding order is fine aggregate cement, coarse aggregate and water.
4. When the mixing reached the required time, you should open the discharge door, and the mixtures will be dumped on the mixing board. In order to make the mixture uniform, the artificial mixing about1 - 2 minutes is required.
5. You should turn off the power supply after use or change samples, you should washed the mixing drum clean, and mixing tube, and wipe off it with a dry cloth, and you should turn off the power supply when the power cut lasts about one hour or more, and the mixtures should be poured out, clean the mixing barrel, and use a dry cloth to wipe.
6. We should prevent iron or greater than 40 mm coarse aggregate into the mixing drum. After using, you should be recorded the instrument status before and after the using.
7. After checking, the remaining sample should be stored collect, and treat them together.
The above is the simple introduction to the applied advantages of concrete mixing plant by Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery, and I hope it can have some help when you buy concrete mixing plant. Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery is a well-known concrete mixing plant manufacture in Zhengzhou, which professionally produce concrete mixing plant with high quality.

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