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The functions of Pioneer screw conveyor

The choice of screw conveyor is the problem that many users are concerned about, and the screw conveyor plays a quite important role in concrete mixing plant. Screw conveyor not only saves the engineering operation time, but also is easy to operate. What's more, it is safe and convenient. Today Pioneer Machinery will give a simple introduction to the function of screw conveyor in concrete mixing plant.
1. LSY type screw conveyor of Pioneer Machinery is mainly used to transport cement or fly ash material to concrete mixing plant. And it realized the material continuous transportation through the spiral rotation along the shell, so it is an important transport equipment in cement silo operation.
2. LSY type screw conveyor of Pioneer Machinery adopts the GB motor with high protection level, reliable quality and beautiful appearance.
3. The machine with small screw diameter, high speed, large conveying capacity, high precision and good transport conditions. What's more, the screw conveyor adopts gear reducer with large torque, low noise, no oil leakage. And the conveying shell adopts the high quality seamless pipe, and it is provided with a thrust structure which is suitable for large inclination conveyor, the front end seal adopts the patent structure to ensure the lasting sealing.
4. LSY type screw conveyor with good whole rigidity and large load capacity, in the transportation, whether it is the level of transmission, or inclination transmission, which can achieve the continuous conveying. What's more, it can freely choose the work position and work state, disassembly and maintenance is convenient, safe and reliable, so it is the ideal and friendly environmentally products of new generation.
5. The screw conveyor adopts a forming spiral vane which is welded to the center tube to ensure the dynamic balance, especially with a design of variable pitch, which reduces the compression degree of material in conveying process, and it is especially suitable for long distance conveying cement and other powdery material.
6. The screw pump adopts the high quality reducer, heavy duty design, and it has many characteristics, such as large torque, low noise, no oil leakage and long service life.
7. The inlet and outlet can adopt many kinds of connection modes.
8. Adequate spare parts and complete specifications make users to buy the rest assured and use the rest assured.
9. The large stock with common diameter of 219, 273, 323, 407, the size and angle can be customized according to customers' requirements.
10. Using the standard assembly and the transportation is more convenient.

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