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Control circuit analysis of JZC concrete mixer

Taking the JZC350 concrete mixer as an example, in the control circuit diagram, M1 is the motor of concrete mixer, M2 is the feed elevator, and M3 is the motor for water supply pump. When the motor of concrete mixer is forward, we can have the mixing operation, when it reversed, we would have the discharging operation.
The feeding lifting control circuit of JZC concrete mixer: mixed the cement, sand and stones according to certain proportion, and then put them into the feeding bucket, press the up button SB5, KM3 electric suction and self-locking, its main contact connected M2 power, M2 is to rise, and the hopper rise, when they are up to a certain height, the hopper iron block impacted the rise limit switches SQl and SQ2, so that the contactor KM3 power release, the hopper of concrete mixer tilts, and the material will be put into the mixer. Then press the down button SB6, KM4 electric suction and self-locking, its main contact reverse connected M2 power, the M2 inversion, the winch system of concrete mixer drives the hopper down, when it stays down to the opening of the hopper and the ground are in a line, the iron block will crash the down limit switch SQ3, so that the contactor KM4 fault electric release, hopper stops falling, and do a good preparation for the next feeding.
Water supply control system of concrete mixer: after the feeding is completed, the hopper stops falling, press the pump start button SB8, so that the contactor KM5 electric suction and self-locking, and the main contact contacted the M3 power of  pump motor, the M3 starts, water will be supplied into the concrete mixer, meanwhile,  the time relay KT also gets electricity and attracts, till the water supply time  ( according to the proportion of water and the raw materials, adjust the delay time of concrete mixer, the time relay is generally 2 ~ 3 minutes), the normally closed contact of the time relay should be cut, the contactor KM5 power release, water pump motor stops. We can also be based on the situation of water supply, manual press the stop button SB7, and stop water supply.
The above is the control circuit of JZC concrete mixer, if you have any doubts, please call Pioneer Machinery, or land our official website for consultation.

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