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Superiority of the dual control system in concrete mixing pla

Dual control system of concrete mixing plant has flexible control, convenient operation, high weighing precision, stable and reliable operation and other features. Specific features are as follows:
1.With linkage, manual control modes, and the switch of these two ways is flexible. A high degree of automation. The linkage process is: start the mixing motor of mixing plant, and then start the device, aggregate weighing instrument and cement weighing instrument and water weighing instrument. When the batching of aggregate is completed, it will be unloaded automatically into the lifting hopper, after the unloading is finished, the lifting bucket will automatically rise. Reach the limit, stop automatically and then unloaded aggregate to the mixer. Cement and water began to discharge, and stop when the unloading expected to zero. Lifting bucket down automatically after unloading (pause time adjustable), manipulator observation of concrete mixing, concrete mixer discharging qualified after the press button, completed the linkage process.
2. The electric box of the mixing plant control system has a function of preventing the second water addition. This forced mixer can effectively avoid the lifting hopper material sticking, upgrade again, then add water phenomenon, so as to avoid the loss caused by this.
3. The key parts of the control electric box all adopt Schneider components, such as the lifting bucket motor has heavy load and frequent work. And it is one of the cores of mixing plant (Once it is damaged, the mixing plant cannot run). In this regard, we use special protective switch of Schneider motor. Therefore, the reliable operation of the motor of the lifting bucket will be guaranteed.
4. The electric box of the mixing plant control system adopts the etching panel of aluminum alloy, so that the operation is simple, and the appearance is beautiful, generous.
5. The instrument of mixing plant adopts the high precision brand-name device, so the mixing plant has fast sampling, high weighing accuracy and other advantages. When the formula is input, the instrument calibration is very convenient. Aiming at the characteristics of site mixing plant, combined with more than ten years experience of control electric box assembly manufacturing of mixing plant, the control loop of instrument is adopted a special treatment. To ensure the reliable operation of instrument.

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