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Introduction to commercial concrete mixing plant structure

Commercial concrete mixing plant is mainly made of stirring system, aggregate supply system, measurement system, control system and the external equipment etc. The following is the main explanation of its composition:
1. Mixing system
The mixing system is divided into the forced and self loading type mixing according to the mixing mode. The forced mixer is the using mainstream of the mixing plant at home and abroad, and it can stir the liquidity, semi dry hard and dry hard and other concrete. The self loading concrete mixer, mainly stir the fluidity concrete, it is rarely used in mixing plant now. Forced mixer is divided into main shaft planetary mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, double horizontal shaft mixer. And the comprehensive service performance of the double horizontal shaft forced mixer is the best.
2.  Aggregate supply system
At present, the conveying of mixing plant has two ways of hopper conveyor and belt conveyor. Advantages of hopper promotion are small cover area and simple structure. And the advantages of belt conveyor are large conveying distance, high efficiency and low failure rate. Belt conveyor is mainly applied to the concrete mixing plant with aggregate temporary storage, so as to improve the productivity of the mixing plant.
The available powder of powder conveying concrete mainly is cement, fly ash and slag. The screw conveyor is widely used delivery mode at present, and the large mixing floor adopts pneumatic conveyor and scraper conveyor. Screw conveyor has simple structure, low cost, reliable use and other advantages.
The fluid delivery mainly refers to the water and liquid additives. They are separately transported by water pump.
3. Measurement system
Measurement system is the key components affecting the concrete quality and concrete production costs, and it is mainly divided into three parts of aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing. The general case, the mixing plant with less than 20m3/ hour should adopt the superposition weighing mode. That is the aggregate (sand, stone) with a scale, cement and fly ash with a scale, water and liquid admixture respective weighing, and then it can be pre mixed by putting the liquid additive into water bucket. However, the concrete mixing plant within 50m3/ hour mostly adopts the way of many materials independent weighing. And all weightings all use electronic scale and a microcomputer control. Aggregate weighing accuracy is less than or equal to 2%, the weighing precision of cement, powder, water and additive reaches less than or equal to 1%.
4. Control system
The control system of mixing plant is the central nervous of the whole set of equipment. Control system has different functions and preparations according to the different requirements of users and mixing plant size. Generally, the available control system of small mixing plant in construction site is simple, and the control system of large mixing plant is relatively complex.
 5. The outer equipment consisting of waterway, gas path and stock bin.

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