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Security problems of hollow brick should be concerned in prod

Now more and more users invest in hollow brick machine, the safety production of hollow brick can not be ignored. According to the hollow brick machine operating rules strictly, not only can improve the production efficiency and create more profit, but also can ensure the safety of workers in production. Today we will introduce the notes for operation and several steps of the process.
The safe operation rules of hollow brick:
1. In order to prevent accidents, when the hollow brick machine is in operation,   tools or hands are forbidden going into the drum.
2. Before opening the hollow brick each time, you should examine whether the clutch, brake and steel wire rope is good, the eyewinker is forbidden in the drum.
3. When you use mixer,  you must  placed it  in a smooth and safe place, and then  feet stable with a bracket or shelf  tube, the tire can't  replace the support frame.
4. We should note when the feed hopper rises, forbid anyone to pass or stay under the hopper. What's more, when the work finished, you can leave until the hopper is fixed.
5. When the cylinder, valve block, valve parts, tubing and other hydraulic components have an oil leak, you should promptly replaced oil seals, seal ring and other repair methods or the whole replacement, and avoid the equipment operating with damage. The oil pump and the oil motor must be often heard, seen and touched in operation. Once the abnormity is appeared, the machine must be stopped. (Attention to detail, discover a problem, solve the problem in time)
6. Please keep the hydraulic system, oil pipelines and internal of hydraulic station clean.
7. You should pay attention to avoid the high oil temperature which can influence the performance of the machine.
8. When the hollow brick is repaired, you should fixe the hopper stable, and then cut off the power supply.
9. The vibration time of products must be strictly controlled, adjust the vibrating time according to the product requirements, and you should sum up the best ratio between productivity and quality. If necessary, you should adjust the feeding quantity or feeding times, and then make them reach the equilibrium.
10. You should always pay attention to whether the process limit is normal, whether the screws are loose. You should discover them in time, timely stop to adjustment and eliminate the hidden dangers. The safe operation of hollow brick machine ensures the interests of manufacturers, and also ensures the personal safety of operators, the understanding and implementation of the comprehensive safe operation and safe production can better ensure the manufacturers' benefit.
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