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Professional maintenance knowledge of forced mixer

Forced mixer has been developed and popularized rapidly from the rise in the early 1950s. The first is the disk spindle type forced concrete mixer. This mixer is divided into eddy paddle and planetary type. After 1970s, with the application of lightweight aggregate, the circular groove horizontal shaft type forced mixer appeared, it is divided into a single horizontal shaft type and double horizontal shaft type, with self down and forced two kinds of mixing characteristics. The small linear velocity, good wear resistance and low energy consumption and fast development.
The mixing blade is equipped on the rotating shaft arm frame in the mixing drum of  forced type mixer, the material added into the mixing drum will form a cross  logistics, after the strong agitation under the mixing blade of forced mixer. The stirring mode is stronger than the self loading concrete mixer. The forced mixer is mainly suitable for mixing the dry hard concrete. Continuous concrete mixer with a helical mixing blades, all kinds of materials  are respectively transported into the mixer according to the mixing ratio after the continuous weighing, stir well concrete from the discharge end continuous outward discharge. The mixing time of the forced mixer is short, high productivity, its development is obvious. With the development of concrete material and construction technology, it has appeared many new structures of concrete mixer, such as steam heating mixer, the supercritical speed forced mixer, sound mixer, swing disc mixer without mixing blades and concrete mixer with the second mixing etc..
Maintenance of forced mixer:
1. The forced mixer body must be clean, the dirt and obstacles on the body must be removed.
2. You should check all lubricating oil and the circuit and control equipment of the forced mixer, and fill the lubricating oil according to the requirements.
3. Before working, you should put water into the mixing cylinder and idling 1 to 2min, meanwhile, you should check the working reliability of the clutch and brake device.
4. In the running process of forced mixer, you should always check whether the   noise of motor, reducer, gear transmission is normal, and whether the temperature is too high.
5. You should be carefully cleaned forced mixer after each class working.

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