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How to improve the production efficiency of concrete mixing p

The working principle of existing concrete mixing equipments: After the aggregate is  measured by batching machine, and then it can be transported by belt to the storage bucket, finally, aggregate will be put into a mixer by the storage bucket; the powder material is transported to the powder material measuring hopper through the spiral machine, and then it will be  put into the mixer through the powder material measuring bucket; the water is measured by the water metering hopper, after the  measurement of additive, it will be dropped into water metering hopper. The mixed liquid was put into the Mixer Blender by excessive bucket and pipeline; the basically completed concrete is transported into the concrete truck through a hopper.
In order to understand  easily, we make a classification about the actions in process: the time period  before all raw materials are transported into the host is called the ready time; the time period of putting all the ingredients into the host is called the feeding time; the stirring material time is called the mixing time; the time period of   transporting the complete mixing concrete to the transport car is called the discharge time; the time period of the transport vehicle alternate receiving material is called the transport vehicle preparation time.
The existence purpose of the storage bucket is to ensure that all raw materials are prepared completely in the feeding time before starting.
If you can meet the inequality and can ensure the preparing time of transportation vehicle, therefore, when the continuous production, the time relationship of the concrete  mixing plant can achieve the following cycle: preparation time (the first material), feeding time, stirring time, discharge time, feeding time, mixing time, and discharging time.
The equipments of commercial concrete mixing plant will appear the following two kinds of circumstances in the production process: first, the preparation time≥ the mixing time + discharge time, feeding time need to wait for the completion of preparation  time,  and  this leads to the low efficiency; second: preparation time ≤ the stirring time + discharge time. However, the denominator in the mixing production efficiency formula is too large, resulting in the production cycle is long and efficiency is reduced.
We can know from the article if we want to improve the efficiency of mixing plant, the reasonable design and planning of equipment are the most important. In addition, users also need to know the correct using method and maintenance requirement of equipments. There are many factors influencing the production efficiency in the actual using process, so we should learn the theory knowledge, and seek the root problems accurately. Only fundamentally solve the problems, the potential of equipment can be fully developed, and then create more value for customers.

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