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Potential risks of using second-hand bulk cement silo

In the market economy, many investors generally have a psychology that the minimum investment looks for the maximum benefit, some investors have a selection of second-hand equipment abacus, in this particular era of cost-effectiveness, this strategy is highly respected. I also believe that is feasible, but it is not absolute, in some important projects in the province to province, the province still have to seriously, so the cement silo in the concrete mixing plant is! Using second-hand bulk cement silo can save a lot of cost in the short term, but the risk is the most important from the long term.
In the production process of concrete mixing plant, the cement tank is very obvious when you use the second-hand bulk cement silo. Because the price of new bulk cement silo is about ten thousand Yuan. However, the second-hand bulk cement tank will take the place of the new bulk cement tank, so the expenditure of money will be reduced. Many illegal businessmen obtain huge profits. Because in the face of it, the second-hand bulk cement tank and new bulk cement tank seem have not much difference on the outside.
But do you know the dangers of second-hand bulk cement silo?  A container whose appearance is not important, the internal environment is the most important. The dangers of the second hand bulk cement tank are often the fundamental reason for the change of cement and other materials. First of all, t a bulk cement tank with high quality whose anti caking, and dust-proof, moisture-proof function is durable. But if we use a unknown second-hand bulk cement tank, whose prevent caking, the protection function of the original will be with the use of times so as to reduce day by day, finally lead to prevent the agglomeration function become weak or even failure, when we buy second-hand bulk cement tank, and thus the tank to accommodate the new long-term production of cement, the consequences can think and know: one is the cause of cement clinker, resulting in waste of raw material, but the cement blocks due to air and other environmental causes and metamorphism. The final result often leads to a project acceptance problems. The last result can not be detected by personnel approval, to bring huge economic loss. Make honorary of both sides labors damaged
All statements illustrate the dangers of second-hand bulk cement silo, as a smart investor, I think that he is never use second-hand bulk cement tank in order to reduce the spending. Once in these details appear shoddy work behaviors, the result is often be unbearable. Because we never recommend the concrete mixing plant to use the second-hand bulk cement tank.

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