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Small Self-loading Mixer Machines

Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd offers a few kinds of small self-loading mixer machines, like:

JZC portable cement mixer: JZC250 concrete mixer, JZC350 concrete mixer

JZM concrete mixer: JZM350 concrete mixer

JZD concrete mixer: JZD350 concrete mixer, JZD500 concrete mixer

JZC, JZM and JZD concrete mixers are all drum concrete mixers.

Small self-loading mixer machine is mainly used to mix concrete. It should not be neglected to maintain small self-loading mixer machines. Only proper maintenance can reduce maintenance costs and prolong the service life of concrete mixer. There are some matters need to be paid attention to:

First, regularly carry out maintenance on the mixer machine strictly according to stipulations, such as clean, smoothing and refuel.

Second, before starting up concrete mixer, users need firstly check whether each controller works normally. After using concrete mixer machine, clean up the drum of concrete mixer by using water and gravel to rotate for 10-15 minutes, and then pour water and gravel. If operators need enter mixing drum to clean up, the electricity supply need be cut off.

Third, it is forbidden to use mash hammer to remove the accumulated concrete adherent on the mixing drum, users are able to use chisel to remove the accumulated concrete.

Fourth, in the cold season, after using small self-loading mixer machine, clean up it and then drain off water in water pump, water tank and water pipe to avoid being frozen.

Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd has operated on the principles of “honesty,” “reliability” and “quality”. We had kept true to our values over the years, and it has enabled us to maintain a very reputable image in the industry.

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