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Pioneer portable grout batch plant is on sale.

Commodity concrete market is gradually developed, which also brings along the development of concrete batching plant.

Customers will face a problem in concrete mixing plant investment: how to select the model and corollary equipments of the concrete batching plant. Perhaps many users would consider the concrete productivity when choosing concrete mixing plant. There is no doubt productivity is the main factor but many other factors also can not be ignored.

First, customers need consider the place when investing the concrete batching plant, especially the HZS concrete batching plant. Concrete batching plants with different productivity use varied corollary equipments, so the floor area is different. So customers need select a suitable concrete batching plant according to the size of the place.

Second, customers are able to select the specifications of concrete batching plant according to the corollary equipments. The loading capacity of mixing truck should match with the concrete mixer, otherwise it will affect the work efficiency.

Third, customers need pay attention to the technical functions of concrete batching plant. The technical functions include progressiveness, reliability, excellent performance and universal property.

Customers need select the concrete batching plants which has advanced operational principle, high degree of automation, powerful management function, good environmental protection and others. Portable concrete batching plant should shall be equipped with excellent collocation, reliable control method, strong applicability, can repair performance. In addition, customers need also consider whether the concrete batching plant has the high measurement accuracy, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, large application amount of standard parts and good interchangeability.

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