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Operating Instructions of Mobile Mixer

Operating instructions of mobile mixer are as followings:

1, Parking place of mobile mixer should be flat and solid. There should be good drainage ditches around the mobile mixer. After placing mobile mixer, users should put down legs of mobile mixer. Let the wheel be off the ground. When using mobile mixer for a long time, users should demount the tires and well keep them. Wrap up the end part of axles with oilcloth. Using the board to support the mobile mixer.

2, For mobile mixer which needs set up pit for feeding hopper, the pithead the need to set the hopper pit mixer, the pithead should be blocked up and tamped to prevent water on the ground flowing into the pit.

3, For fixed concrete mixer, it should be installed in the fixed pedestal.

4. The operating stage of fixed concrete mixer need be able to let operation staffs watch the working situation of each part of concrete mixer. The pedestal of electric concrete mixer should be padded rubber tile or dry board.

5, There should a layer of buffering board between the hopper and the ground.

6, Before using mobile concrete mixer, users should firstly start the mobile mixer for no-load running. Confirm the rotation direction of mixing drum or blades is same as the direction of the arrow shown on the concrete mixer.

7, When feeding materials, head or hands are forbidden to stretch to the space between the hopper and the frame of concrete mixer. In the operation, hands and tools are prohibited to stretch to the drum to discharge materials.

8, Before starting the mobile concrete mixer, carry out the lifting experiment of hopper. Observe and confirm the flexibility and stability of clutch and brake.
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