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Mobile Cement Mixer Inspection

JZC concrete mixers, JZM concrete mixers and JZD concrete mixers are self-falling bipyramid concrete mixer. They are also mobile cement mixers.

Mobile concrete mixers are suitable to be used in ordinary construction sites, road building, bridge construction and medium-sized, small-sized concrete prefabricated factories.

Mobile cement mixer inspections before test run and preparations:

1. Check the electrical source voltage. Inspections and preparations before test run of concrete mixer: make sure the rated voltage of small cement mixers are 380V and the voltage fluctuation range is 340V-410V, otherwise, the normal operation of concrete mixer would be affected and components would be worn.

2. Inspect whether wirings between electric motor and electric elements are secure and whether grounding wire is reliable. In order to ensure security, concrete mixer users need install leakage protection devices on  distribution board and then connect the power.

3. Pull out the dipstick to check whether the lubrication oil of reducer is good and at the regulated oil level. Supplementing and replacing lubricating oil if necessary.

4. Connect waterway. It is needed to prepare one watering bucket. Place the watering bucket near the water pump. Connect suction valve, water pipe and water pump. Put the suction valve in the watering bucket.

5. Check whether connecting bolts of each part are fastening, especially the connecting bolts of rotating parts. Screw up bolts if they become flexible.

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