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Hydraulic Diesel Concrete Mixer Operation

What matters users need pay attention to during hydraulic diesel concrete mixer operation?

Hydraulic diesel concrete mixer is composed of motor, belt pulley, reduction gear box, gear, mixing system, mixing barrel and other components.

In order to ensure the gear in reduction gear box can normally work, users must pour lubricant oil into reduction gear box according to the specific fuel level shown on the reduction gear oil.

For new diesel concrete mixers, in the first use of 150 hours and 300 hours, concrete mixer users need replace engine oil once. Afterwards, replacing the engine oil once every 1000 hours. There are 2 conical mixing blades in the mixing drum.

Compared with hydraulic diesel concrete mixer, there are kinds of lining boards: 3 kinds of circular lining boards, 3 kinds of end lining boards. These lining board are closely connected with mixing drum by using sunk screws.

There are two horizontal mixing shafts in the drum of compulsory concrete mixer. At the end of mixing arms, there are side blades to scrape concrete on the wall of mixing drum. Connections of mixing shafts and the mixing drum are equipped with special device to ensure the sealing quality.

Compulsory concrete mixer is equipped with special oil feeder. Keep the oil feeder clean when feeding lubricating grease. In order to ensure the normal operation of the mixing shaft, users need often lubricate oil to the bearings.

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