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How to prolong the service life of the concrete mixer

Due to the influence of material, process, component aging and artificial factors, the concrete mixer will inevitably appear all kinds of failure in the process of using. However, if it is able to correctly analyze the causes of various failures, take effective and targeted preventive measures and slow down the damage rate of mechanical parts as far as possible, it is possible to effectively prevent mechanical failure and prolong the service life of the machine. Regarding of the protection of concrete mixing plant, the first is to regularly take lubrication to the mixing plant and equipment parts according to the maintenance manual of the concrete mixing plant and lubrication periodic table. It should often check the mixer blade, if the lining plate is loose, adjust the gap between the blade and the lining board, and replace the mixer blades according to the situation of the wear and tear. All wire lines should be properly protected in order to prevent it from crushing or bruising when the concrete mixer is working. It should regularly check the gear and the tightness of the high speed belt so as to avoid slipping wear. With the development of material science, design and manufacturing technology, many new technologies, new materials and new structures are used in the mixer equipment, which makes the function of the mechanical equipment be more perfect and the failure rate be the lowest. But the maintenance of the equipment is indispensable.

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