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The elements of building concrete mixing plant

With the vigorous development of the construction industry in our country, the commercial concrete mixing plant gained popularity in the coastal area, in the county level cities have also appeared the small and medium-sized commercial concrete mixing plant. According to my experience in product design, site installation, commissioning, testing and other aspects of the concrete mixing plant, we can analyze the technical key points in the early stage of the construction and operation, so that it is convenient to have the discussion with the technical personnel.
Before determining the size of the investment of the investor, it is natural to do a good job to the market research. If it is the internal use of the construction department, the production capacity of the mixing plant that need purchase shall be determined according to the construction capacity and the amount of concrete used in the construction. If it is the highway or small (1 years) project, it is suitable to choose the 1-1.5 cubic concrete mixer. As a commodity concrete mixing plant, the size of the concrete mixing plant is determined according to the economic development of the region, and the demand quantity and investment capacity of market commodity concrete, it is suitable to choose the above 1.5 cubic concrete mixer.
In addition, investors should fully understand the quality of products of the domestic and foreign manufacturers of the same industry, services, prices and other information, conduct market research and inspect the manufacturer's processing and quality assurance capabilities on site. It can choose the complete set of equipment manufacturers that needed and products that met the requirements through the holding of the respondent and the tender. The size and grade of concrete mixing plant are determined according to the amount of capital, if the scale of investment is smaller, it can choose the concrete mixing plant with domestic supporting parts and the hoist with the lower cost, if the scale of investment is larger, you can specify some key parts, for example, you can specify the sensor made in Toledo, screw conveyor, machine dust remover and cement silo dust collector made in WAM, mixing console  made in Shigaoma company and so on, which can improve the reliability and service life of the concrete mixing plant, improve the concrete mixing plant’s level, so as to improve the economic benefit.

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