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Environment-friendly and Energy-saving Concrete mixing plant

Environment-friendly and Energy-saving Concrete mixing plant not only can speed up the construction progress, ensure the quality of construction, but also can save energy, reduce pollution, protect the urban environment, accelerate the construction of modernization, shorten the construction period. Concrete mixing, two concrete mixing production line stand highly, a row of mixing buck get ready to go, the square is clean. there is no sand on ground, also can’t hear any noise.
In fact, Concrete mixing plant equipment is producing the concrete. The reason about can’t hear the noise and no dusty, mainly due to the concrete mixing plant is equipped with two advanced automatic productive assemble line, adopt enclosed produce, greatly reduce the noise and pollution. Besides, A sewage treatment system used in the production line, trying to recycle large volume of waste water during the processing stages, even a sewage with sand and gravel.
How to ensure the quality and protect the environment at the same time? This is mainly thanks to concrete mixing plant set up a set of  perfect quality control system from raw material procurement ,test , production to delivery. In the process of raw material procurement, because each batch of raw material has subtle differences, before mass production of concrete every time, laboratory will test the raw material and adjust raw material ratio. In the most important processes, the computer in the production line can conduct scientific and precise management and control from feed to discharge to ensure the accuracy of concrete ratio.
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