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Concrete Mixing Machinery Industry's Sustainable Development(I)

Concrete mixing machinery industry goes into sustainable development period.

At present, on the whole from the concrete mixing machinery industry, the concrete mixing machinery industry shows negative growth. However, this does not mean the concrete mixing machinery industry is on the  decline. This can be a “pain period” from rapid growth to stable growth  of concrete mixing machinery industry. How long will the “pain period” last?

Only concrete mixing machinery industry digest accumulated problems in the last ten years of rapid growth, can the development of enterprise  be stable and the concrete mixing machinery industry go into the sustainable development period. At present, China’s concrete batching plants are changing concrete machinery industry pattern of the world. At the same time, China’s concrete batching plants also try its best to change the existing problems during its own development. The development of concrete mixing machinery industry needs policy support and it also needs our joint efforts. Domestic enterprises need improve the productive capacity to manufacture high and fine concrete batching plant. Take large engineering machinery as an example, before the national "tenth five" plan, many engineering machinery enterprises were unable to set foot in because of complex manufacturing technology, high manufacturing difficulty, small batch production, high value and big management risk. Because the needs of national large-scale infrastructure, petrochemical, metallurgy and electric power construction projects, China began to focus on the R&D of the urgent needed large concrete batching plants in the “eleventh five” plan.

We will continue to talk about concrete mixing machinery industry’s sustainable development in next article.

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