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Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete mixer truck is one common small mixer equipment.

Concrete mixer is no longer strange to us. Nowadays, concrete mixer has become a very popular equipment for social development. There are varied kinds of concrete mixers. In general, concrete mixer can be divided into large concrete mixer and small concrete mixer. Users are able to select and purchase concrete mixer according to the construction demand and production situation.

Concrete mixer truck users should pay attention to safely using concrete mixer truck or unexpected accidents will happen.

The followings are several suggestions for using this small concrete mixer truck:

1, After starting the engine, take 5-10 minutes to race the engine to warm up the engine. During this period of time, check whether various meters and indicator lights are normal, the sound of engine and the exhaust are normal.
2, When stop and clean concrete mixer truck, specially pay attention to drive parts of rotary drum and other rotating parts.

3, When operating the drum rotation, users must abide by the procedure of forward running_ stop _ reverse running to avoid the rapid reverse causing damage to concrete mixer truck.
4, Comply with the rules of operation to feed, mix and discharge concrete. Choose a reasonable rotation speed according to working conditions. In winter, produced concrete must arrive at the construction site by concrete mixer truck within 60 minutes and 30-40 minutes in summer.

5, When concrete mixer is moving, the speed of rotating drum should be controlled at 1-3r\min and prohibit high-speed rotation.
6, When the concrete mixer truck moves on uneven road, users should stop rotating the drum and the speed of concrete mixer truck keeps within 15km\h. After the concrete mixer truck leaving the uneven road and then continue rotating the drum.

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