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Compulsory Concrete Mixer Classifications

Compulsory concrete mixer is gradually developed with the development of dry hard concrete. As for compulsory concrete mixer classification, there are planetary concrete mixer, single horizontal shaft concrete mixer, twin horizontal shaft concrete mixer and others.

There are two kinds of concrete mixers in the market: single used concrete mixer and concrete mixer applied in concrete batching plant. According to the mode of operation, concrete mixer can be divided into periodic concrete mixer and continuous concrete mixer; Concrete mixer can be grouped into self falling concrete mixer and forced type concrete mixer according to the mixing principle; According to the methods of installation, concrete mixer can be divided into fixed concrete mixer and mobile concrete mixer.

Compulsory concrete mixer appears after self falling concrete mixer. Along with the development of dry hard concrete, compulsory concrete mixer is gradually developed. Unlike self-falling concrete mixer, forced type concrete mixer does not mix materials by adopting action of gravity. On the contrary, compulsory concrete mixer shears, squeeze, turn over and expel materials by using rotating blades and compulsory mixing actions. The materials can be evenly mixed in the violent fierce relative movement. Compared with self falling concrete mixer, compulsory concrete mixer is featured by strong mixing effect, excellent mixing quality, high productivity, but the wear is large and energy consumption is high. At the same time, compulsory concrete mixers have strict restrictions to the size of aggregate.

Compulsory concrete mixer is suitable to be applied to mix dry concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete and can be used in concrete batching plant and ready mixed concrete plant mixing.

Single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer belong to horizontal shaft concrete mixer, while planetary concrete mixer is vertical shaft concrete mixer.
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