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Core Technology of Twin Shaft Compulsory Concrete Mixer

Whether it is for concrete mixer or concrete mixing plant, the mixing system is the most important part. Core technology of twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer makes the efficiency of compulsory concrete mixer high.

The quality and techniques of concrete mixer can directly affect the efficiency, quality and maintenance of concrete mixer. From many years of R&D prospects and development history of concrete mixer, we can see that concrete mixer manufacturers continuously strengthen the mixing system. Classifications and models of concrete mixers are generally related with the mixing system.

With the gradual increased demand of industrial construction, the traditional concrete mixer can not keep up with the speed of production, so compulsory concrete mixer and other engineering concrete mixers have gradually been applied in large concrete mixing plants, which effectively solves the needs of urban construction. Twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer has become the matching selection for most enterprises. The unique mixing system of twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer is a bright point. With more and more application, foreign and domestic concrete machinery manufacturers also pay more attention to the R&D core technology of twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer to expand the application of compulsory concrete mixer and to improve the mixing quality and efficiency.

The mixing system of twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer adopts twin shaft mixing technique, so materials can carry out periodic motion and be evenly mixed. The mixing system of compulsory concrete mixer is being improved. The directions of mixing shaft and mixing blades also can be changed according to using demands to ensure the most suitable mixing angle and potency dimension for the materials.
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