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China’s Concrete Mixer Machinery Development

What is the situation about China’s concrete mixer machinery development?

Concrete mixer machinery in China has been a long period of time, but the speed of development and the introduction of new types of concrete mixers are very slow. Because the core technology of China’s concrete mixer comes from foreign countries, which makes the development of domestic concrete mixer equipment industry always keeps up with the development of foreign concrete mixers. For the concrete mixers on the market, although the domestic concrete mixer equipment has gradually occupied a certain share of the concrete mixer application market, users are still greatly dependent on imported concrete mixer, which is not too optimistic to China’s concrete mixer machinery development.

From the beginning of 1990s, China has began its rapid construction and development, which also makes the demand of concrete mixer equipment continue to increase. Concrete mixer received well development. While, under well-financed situation, concrete mixer users still chooses imported concrete mixer equipment. There are two main reasons: one, branding of our native concrete mixer
equipment is not obvious. There are few famous concrete mixer manufacturing enterprises in China. Compared with the imported concrete mixer equipment, China’s concrete mixer has little advantage. Concrete mixer users are suspicious of domestic concrete mixer equipment, which has brought embarrassment. Another reason is the core technology, we have already said, the domestic concrete mixer equipment’s core technology is always dependent on and follows the footsteps of imported concrete mixer equipment.

In conclusion, we can see that China’s concrete mixer machinery development still has a very long road to go, whether it is the classification and function of concrete mixer equipment or the core technology and brand.

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