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Weighing system of small concrete mixing plant

The editorial department of Pioneer Machinery said that for saving the costs, many users do not want to adopt computer control weighing system. They often use the artificial operation of weighing water, cement, fly ash and admixture etc. However, there are many obvious shortcomings for adopting manual weighing system. Now Pioneer will tell you the disadvantages of the small concrete mixing plant with the manual weighing.
1. If the simple mixing plant adopts the manual control weighing, it will be very difficult to ensure that addition amount of water, cement, fly ash or admixture of each tank according to the distribution , and it also easy to cause the instability of concrete quality;
2. The labor cost and labor intensity are increased;
3. The manual operation also causes the leaking materials of water, cement, fly ash or admixture of the concrete mixing plant, so it will result in the waste of raw materials and the extra cost increase;
4. The manual operation weighing of small concrete mixing plant easily leads to the large dust, polluting the working environment, and influence of workers' health.
So in view of the above shortcomings, Pioneer Machinery advices that you can't  blindly pursue the small investment during the investment construction of small concrete mixing station, you should adopt the automatic weighing of computer control  from the long-term consideration. If you can do according to our advices, you can greatly increase the return on investment.

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