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Three kinds of feeding methods of concrete mixing plant

In brief, production sequence of concrete mixing plant is the process of feeding, mixing, and discharging. The subdivision is that each link has a lot of details. Today, Pioneer machinery will introduce the three different methods of feeding.
1). Once feeding method: that is, mixed  all kinds of sand raw material, cement, and water together  and then feeding them into the mixing cylinder at one time. This method is widely used in the large commercial concrete mixing plant and project type concrete mixing plant, the advantages of this method are high cutting speed, high efficiency, and it avoids the problems in the process of various feeding material. But it is worth noting that, in the actual feeding material, in order to reduce the flying phenomenon of cement, it is best to pour sand stone, and then is the cement, and then pours a little sand stone, and then mixing with water.
2).Twice feeding method: commonly known as the mixed cement mortar or mixed cement paste method. The so-called mixed in advance means stirring well in advance, that is adding the cement and sand and stone, water to the mixing tube, and then mixed them  into cement mortar evenly, and then added alone stirred into uniform gravel concrete. The property of domestic common concrete mixer equipped on concrete mixing plant is forced mixer the mixer. If the mixer feeds material by this method, the pre-mixed time is very short, and it very saves the whole mixing time.
3).The SEC method: that is also called sand enveloped with cement method. Generally, the concrete product produced by this feeding material method is also called SEC concrete or the shell making concrete. The detail feeding method of this method is to add a small amount of specific water into the surface of sand and stone, when the water content of the sand stone reaches about 20%, added gravel and mixed with the prepared wet sand, and then added cement to mix together. The intensity of concrete products using this feeding method of concrete mixing plant is relatively high, and it's generally applicable to special construction project.

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