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Parts of the batching machine of concrete mixer

Generally, the batching machine is composed of several hoppers, the corresponding distribution machine, belt conveyor and frame. The belt conveyor is placed under the batching machine, which will transport materials to the aggregate belt conveyor machine.
The batching machine consists of hopper, material door, proportioning belt conveyor and drive components, the hopper is welded by steel plate. Usually the baffle is set in the upper surrounding, which can increase the capacity of the hopper; the silo wall vibrator is arranged on the bucket wall, which can eliminate the material arching phenomenon.
The hopper is also equipped with grid tilt, which can prevent the loader feeding the large particle and aggregate into the hopper, in this case, it will affect the feeding performance. The hopper storing the viscous materials must be equipped with forced arch breaker device, and the broken arch type hopper must be installed grid, which can ensure the safety production.
The discharge gate is installed under hopper, adjusting the opening height can change the feeding amount of the belt conveyor. The speed motor of batching belt conveyor or hydraulic motor is droved through reducer, and the back of belt conveyer has a tensioning device, which is used to adjust the tensity of belt conveyor and correct the belt deviation.

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