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Matters Need Attention During Concrete Mixing Equipments Production

Taking care of some matters need attention during concrete mixing equipments production can not only avoid safety accidents, but also can prolong the service life of concrete mixing equipments.

Well, what matters should users pay attention to during concrete mixing equipments production?

First: the power-supply standard. Concrete mixing equipments should adopts 380V, 50Hz three-phase five wire power-supply system (TN-S system).

Second, the operators’ responsibilities. The operating personnel must be skilled workers. The operator should have stable emotion, clear mind, quick reaction during concrete mixing equipments operation.

Third, during concrete mixing equipments production, personnel should stay away from working equipments to avoid accidents.

It is better to stop concrete mixing equipments production in the thunderstorm weather.

Avoid overloading startup to concrete mixer and conveyor.

People is forbidden to stand under the unloading door.

Wish these matters need attention during concrete mixing equipments production be helpful to you.

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