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JS Concrete Mixer Installation and Test Run

One, install concrete mixer

The fabricating yard of concrete mixer should be neat and smooth. Make concrete foundation at places where install supporting legs.

Sling the JS concrete mixer by using crane and then install supporting legs, a supporting leg brace and diagonal bracing. Take the concrete mixer  into place and then install the sliding rail and climbing ladder.

Two, concrete mixer inspection before test run

1. Check whether there is enough lubricating oil in the reduction box and at each lubricating point.

2. Inspect the supply voltage of concrete mixer and make sure the rated voltage is 380 volts and error is +5% to -5%;

3. Check the wirings of motor and electrical components is firm. Make sure the shell of distribution box must be reliably landed. All line pipes shall be properly placed in order to prevent bringing accidents for concrete mixer at work.

4. Check whether the connecting bolts of all parts are solid, especially the connecting bolts of moving parts. If bolts are loose, then tighten them immediately.

5. Inspect whether the wireropes are neatly arranged on the drum. If loose, wrap them again.

6. Prepare water storage container and place it near the water pump. Put water valve into the container. The quality of water should be clean;

Three, concrete mixer no-load test run

1. Start up the concrete mixer, the rotating direction of belt pulley should be consistent with the label direction. If direction is wrong, timely change the power supply wiring;

2. Boot volume field motor to lift hopper to see whether the hopper is reliable during the lifting process.

3. Operate the discharging door and make sure the opening and closing of discharging door are correct;

4. Move the pump motor to check whether the rotating direction is right;

Users can install concrete mixer according to the above suggestions.


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