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It is necessary to control the quality of cement mixing plant

In the road construction of modern urban, most of the large concrete mixing plants are used, and the advantage of the large cement plant is that it can speed up the construction progress, reduce environmental pollution, improve the construction conditions, improve the quality of the project and save material costs. So many large and temporary cement plants have been set up in the current construction of many highway projects. The biggest characteristic of these concrete mixing plants is its temporary, in a specific time, it serves for a specific concrete engineering, it is easy to be restricted by the construction site and cost when building, in the management, it is difficult to achieve standardization and specialization. Therefore, some of concrete projects are prone to have the problem of quality, which has a great impact on the progress of the project and the economic benefits. So it is very necessary to control the quality of cement plant.
First of all, the management of raw materials of concrete mixing plant should be strengthened, sand and stone field must have good drainage facilities, so as to avoid the bottom water. All kinds of materials should be clearly identified, especially the cement, fly ash silo, admixture storage silo and other feed mouth should be stamped with the logo, in order to prevent entering the wrong material or be polluted, it should adopt person management.
Secondly, concrete mix proportion should ensure that the concrete has a good working performance, such as pump, large flow, self compacting, etc. To meet the strength, durability and other special design requirements of engineering structures. Concrete in mix proportion design should actively and rationally apply concrete admixtures such as high performance water reducing agent, in order to reduce the water consumption of concrete, and improve the strength of concrete. Adding high quality fly ash, slag and other external admixture in the concrete, and replacing part of cement and fine aggregate can significantly improve the compactness of concrete, increase the protective effect of reinforced and reduce economic cost of concrete at the same time.
If the manufacturer of concrete mixing plant can do the above points, then the quality of concrete mixing plant will be greatly improved!

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