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With the development of the national economy, driven by related industries, China’s concrete machinery enterprises has been experiencing  rapid development in the past 10 years. But, the capacity expands too fast and China’s industrial cement mixer industry lacks a complete development strategy, management idea lags behind and awareness of risk management is deficiencies, which give potential problems to the future development of concrete mixer enterprises.

Compared with industrial developed countries, the overall situation of China’s concrete equipment industry still exists a certain gap, including management, product development, manufacturing experience and other aspects. 

The gap between Chinese concrete mixers and foreign concrete mixers on the quality is mainly that our refined manufacturing is not very good. Our manufacture has not formed a solid industrial culture and the ideas of "precise, timely and detailed" have not completely run through our concrete machinery manufacture. Innovation not only reflects in developing new products, but also in innovating the existent "manufacturing method and manufacturing process".

China’s concrete machinery manufacturing industry need clear about the concept of its industry in order to well divide background knowledge of concrete machinery industry. It is better to carry out occupational education to cultivate applicable talents for enterprises. Domestic concrete mixer manufacturers need learn advanced foreign management concepts and methods. Combining national conditions and corporate culture, concrete mixer manufacturers are able to carry out information management, which will help enterprises effectively, save production time, achieve set goals and improve operation efficiency.

Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd is one professional concrete machinery manufacturer. It is our duty to serve clients around the world with products of high quality and reliability, because it is our responsibility as a leading dealer and manufacturer in construction machinery to uphold the high standards that the customers expects from us.

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