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How to judge the quality of concrete mixing plant

Although many users know how to use the concrete mixing plant, they do not understand the concrete mixing plant and do not know what plant is the good quality concrete mixing plant, not to mention, to inspect the quality of concrete mixing plant they purchased. The concrete mixing plant mainly consists of a few parts, so as long as the main part of this concrete mixing plant has not quality problem, the plant has not big quality problems.
1. If the concrete mixer has self falling mixing drum, the discharge ring radial runout does not exceed 1% of the diameter of the inlet, in addition, to inspect the quality of concrete iron in the screen mesh of vibration screen of concrete mixer, the reasonable size of screen mesh and the installation precision of screen mesh.
2. The operation of transmission system should be flexible, and has not abnormal sound.
3. The transmission of belt conveyor, bucket elevator, cantilever pull shovel and other device should be stable, the operation should be flexible, no abnormal noise, and the chain has no trouble.
4. The measurement system is also very important, to check the sensitivity and accuracy of the measurement system.
5. Reduce the temperature of the machine to reach the temperature in the qualified book..
6. The feeding and discharging of weighing hopper should be smooth, there is no accumulation and overflow of material, etc.
7. Safety valve can not leak.
8. The quality of cement tank should be qualified.
9. The installation of the circuit should be reasonable, and the installation of the equipment should be correct.

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