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Electric Portable Concrete Mixer Development

Electric portable concrete mixer development still has big development space.

Along with revitalizing the concrete mixer industry advancement in our country, industrial upgrading of concrete mixer machinery continuously accelerates. At the same time, the combination of China's concrete mixer industry and the world economy continues to accelerate, which puts forward higher requirements for the quality and technology of concrete mixer. Whether China's concrete mixing industry is able to continuously improve its overall level not only concerns whether China can shorten the overall gap between our automobile and major technical equipments and  foreign advanced level, but also relates to the development level of the whole national economy which includes people's life. Among them, the automobile industry is the largest concrete user. The demand accounts for about 23.2% of the total sales volume of concrete batching plant.

Concrete mixer manufacturers need continuously concentrate on the R&D of concrete mixer. According to the social development and the requirements to environmental protection, concrete mixer manufacturers need improve the quality and efficiency of concrete mixer, at the same time, concrete mixer manufacturers also should develop green concrete mixer to comply with the social development.
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