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What are the advantages of the concrete mixers

Because of the continuous development of urbanization in China, concrete mixing plant in the country has rapidly developed and been widely applied, so what are the advantages of the concrete mixers?
1. Higher reliability: after more than ten years of development of the concrete mixing plant in our country, so far, its reliability is high. The process of its development is the introduction, digestion, part of making in China, all made in China and improvement. It is very normal to continuously product 10000 square concrete for the general commodity concrete company, the performance of key components such as host, screw machine, main control and pneumatic components has been quite stable. Concrete mixer’s mixing blades adopt chromium and manganese alloy wear resistant material, the shaft and the form of sealing adopt the unique multiple sealing or air seal, which greatly improves the reliability of the main engine.
2. Higher degree of automation control: The degree of automation is the main symbol of the technical content of the concrete mixing plant. From the original manual stirring to drum type stirring, from the drum type stirred to forced mixing plant, from the model number 60 concrete mixing plant with 1 square host to the model number 90 concrete mixing plant with 1.5 square host, from the model number 120 concrete mixing plant with 2 square host to the model number 180 concrete mixing plant with 3 square host, at present, the model number 240 concrete mixing plant with 4 square host appeared. However, after 2002, the concrete company began to use many 2 square hosts to product concrete, which improves the production capacity and reduces the waiting time of concrete truck. Its control system is relatively advanced and stable, and it has a high degree of automation, which can continuously produce for a long time. The operating platform and computer monitoring in control room can vividly reflect the entire production process and each part of the production, such as the cement reserve in concrete cement silo, the aggregate reserve in aggregate storage bin, the transportation of the aggregate and so on. Once the problems are found in a part, it can be timely resolved within the shortest time.

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