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Two ways to reduce the cost of concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing plant is an engineering construction equipment, the modern construction mostly takes concrete as raw materials, so the market demand of mixing plant equipment is also very large, which also means that the competition is fierce. Then the user should how to control and reduce the cost of inputs by management? Today Pioneer Machinery will share the management experience of small concrete mixing plant.
The first method: The use and maintenance of the cylinder in the small concrete mixing plant are required to take effective measures to reduce the cost of management. For example, using the physical and chemical production factors to intensively operate, according to the annual production and operation of the mixing plant to provide equipment logistics services, to ensure that the production of mixing plant equipment and reduce costs in the supply chain. The objective of the centralized operation of the concrete mixing plant is to meet the internal market of the enterprise, and gradually reach the full coverage of the internal market.
The second method: In the process of construction of concrete mixing plant, the cost control ideas are penetrated into the construction method, construction technology and construction management measures, guiding, supervising, regulating and controlling the consumption of resource and the cost in the engineering construction through technology, comparison, analysis and evaluation so as to realize the effective control of the cost. Small concrete mixing plant should be carried on the analysis from three stages of pre control, in the matter of control and afterwards control.

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