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The development of concrete mixing plant must reach the standard

Some concrete mixing plants will be closed because the dust can't reach the standards. From this, we can see that the development of concrete mixing plant can't depart from the banner of environmental protection. The concrete mixing plant as the necessary machinery of architectural engineering plays a decisive role in city construction. If concrete mixing plant wants to get a successful development, what should you do to reach the standard?
The standards of concrete mixing plant are as follows:
1. The location of concrete mixing plant: the location should be consistent with the planning and the nature of lands, avoid the environmental sensitive area and away from the dense residential area.
2. The facilities of concrete mixing plant:
(1). Select the equipments with low noise, low energy consumption and low emission;
(2).The second floor and above parts of the main parts in the mixing building need to be sealed;
(3).Use the dustproof lighting equipment in the mixing building;
(4).The aggregate piles must be closed;
(5).The sandstone proportioning bin should be installed the dust removal device;
(6).The upper of sand belt conveyor corridor must be sealed;
(7).The lower part of sand belt conveyor corridor is arranged the material collecting device;
(8).The mixing engine and silo use the dust collection facilities to clean the dust;
(9). Silos shall not have any exit to atmosphere;
(10). There is the material level control system in the powder silo;
(11).There is the recovery equipment of waste concrete;
(12). There is the cleaning device of vehicle;
(13).The wastewater, sewage should be precipitated and has a recycling;
(14).The ground hardened of the plant roads and working area;
(15).The unhardened space should have a greening.
3. The production management of concrete mixing plant:
(1). Using the production management system of computer control ling;
(2).Don't use the bagged powder;
(3).The storage sealing and anti leakage measures of the liquid admixture.
4. The emissions monitoring and controlling of the concrete mixing plant:
(1).The discharge point of plant pollutant;
(2).The emission controlling of noise, dust, sewage and waste;
(3).Regular self inspection and disposal
Above is the standard conditions of concrete mixing plant, we hope they can be helpful for you.

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